From the recording Songs For Street Seraphim

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Lyrics: Professor Karen L. King / Fionnuala Devlin
Composer: ©Fionnuala Devlin
Own Tone Records, LC 84966


[With permission, the spoken segments of this song are from a Coptic text dated 200-500 AD and translated by Professor Karen L. King in her book ‘The Gospel of Mary of Magdala’ .]

Mary In My Arms
(From The Gospel of Mary Magdalene)

“Mary stood up, she greeted them all
Addressing her brothers and sisters,
‘Do not weep, nor let your hearts be irresolute
For his grace will be with you all and will shelter you.’

When Mary had said these things she turned their heart toward the good.

Peter said to Mary, ‘Tell us the words that you remember
The things which you know that we don’t.’
Mary responded, ‘I will teach you about what is hidden from you.’
And she began to speak.”


Mary in my arms
Mary in my arms
Mary in my arms