From the recording Songs For Street Seraphim

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Lyricist/Composer: ©Fionnuala Devlin
Own Tone Records, LC 84966


To The Lady Of Shalott

Lady of Shalott
Fine when you are weaving
All the threads you’ve got
Keep you far from leaving
From your window passing by
Two young lovers side by side
All the shadows from the sky
Make you sick with grieving.

Lady of Shalott
Feel the world turning
All the skills you’ve got
Will not stop you yearning
Leave the web and leave the room
Face the prospect of your doom
Curses made on the dark moon
Are no longer binding.

Lady of Shalott
Go down to the river
All that you have lost
Is not gone forever
Steer the prow far from the place
Where you wove a tightened fate
Goddess mercy lend you grace
On your open ocean.