1. Troubadour

From the recording Songs For Street Seraphim

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Lyricist/Composer: ©Fionnuala Devlin
Own Tone Records, LC 84966



Through the dusk I take the road I find
And it leads me as it softly turns and winds
In my heart is a beat that tells
Of a woman who in inner beauty dwell

Troubadour, I live this simple song
And I bring it where she is somewhere waiting
Troubadour, my lips will break their seal
And bring to her the song of love revealed

Though I fall and I thirst and fail
By the starlight sky my labour shall prevail
If one day I should turn the bend
To behold her face all journeying would end

I’ve grown old, was not always true
And in lonely times I lost the path I knew
But my song was made long before my birth
It will carry on even after my death.