About Fionnuala

Fionnuala Devlin was born in Cabra, on the northside of Dublin. From when she was a child, her love has always been writing and playing music. She taught herself how to play piano, starting at the age of 5, playing the songs she heard on the radio by ear.


Her love of books led her to study at Trinity College Dublin where she received a B.A. in English and History.  After university, she began work as a professional singer and piano player, sometimes as part of a band but mostly playing as a solo performer.


The two threads of words and music began to weave together when she moved to Germany and started to concentrate on songwriting. The inspiration of living in a richly cultural city like Berlin, combined with the clarity of the Irish folk tradition she grew up with, led to a distinctive style of folk-pop songs, the lyrics often poetic and wistful. 


The release of her album Songs for Street Seraphim’ with its mixture of upbeat songs and emotional ballads, reveals her interest in topics relating to the environment, spirituality, the nature of love, and the importance of overlooked aspects of history, with the unusual song Mary in My Arms (from The Gospel of Mary Magdalene).


In the end, with the release of this album, essentially there is a return to what was most important from the beginning; a love of words, the love of music.